J Randal Gladden asks "Is Trust a One Time Gift?"

J Randall Gladden

According to J Randall Gladden, trust has become a rare commodity.

In is words:

Last month we were going through Hong Kong and saw an exceptional ad for a Chinese Bank.  It was very well written and at the end the moral was “Trust is a one time gift.”

Has our culture forgotten the value of trust?  Politicians, companies and individuals routinely make commitments and fail to follow through.  Everyone is frustrated, but don’t have a way to hold them responsible.

Christians seem to make commitments, but circumstances change and fulfillment is more difficult or costly than at first thought.

In Psalms 15 David asks who may abide in the Lord’s tabernacle?  Verse 4 “He who swears to his own hurt and does not change.”  In other words, someone who follows through on their commitment, regardless of the cost.

We should be people recognized for follow through and commitment.